The West Midlands’ leading professional and training organisation for psychoanalytical and Jungian analytical psychotherapies.

The Training in Jungian Analytical Psychotherapy

The Jungian Training in Analytical Psychotherapy was founded in 1990 to promote the expansion in the West Midlands of a group of informed Jungian psychotherapists who practise responsible craft.

The training itself is an intensive 4 year course in the theory and practice of Jungian analytical psychotherapy leading upon successful qualification to associate professional membership of WMIP and registration in the CP&JA Section of the UKCP and or BPC (British Psychoanalytic Council).

The JTC also organises an annual series of five public lectures given by visiting speakers as well as members of the Midlands community. The lectures are original contributions to the theory of clinical practice from a contemporary Jungian perspective.

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