The Training in Jungian Analytical Psychotherapy - the Training Ethos

The course is specifically Jungian in that its teaching programme is grounded in the theories of CG Jung and their development by post-Jungians. At the same time, we remain true to Jung's philosophy of valuing the ongoing development of autonomous individuals who belong to a culture, not an orthodoxy of analytical theory and practice. The programme includes the subjects and theories of non-Jungian approaches to analytical psychotherapy, taught by specialists in their own field, with the aim of representing the diversity and richness of analytic experience.

Fundamental to the ethos of the training is the understanding that the transformative potential of the analytic relationship, for patient and therapist alike, is a function of the self and of the process of individuation, as conceived by Jung. We think of the activity of learning to be a psychotherapist as rooted in a sound understanding of the theory and practice of the profession and in the authenticity and creativity of the trainee's self-knowledge.

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