An Outline of The Training in Jungian Analytical Psychotherapy

The four year training course requires students to be in personal Jungian psychotherapy at least twice weekly for a substantial period before beginning the course, and at least three times weekly throughout the training.

It includes a programme of teaching seminars, held on Saturdays in Birmingham, the supervision of three training cases over a period of up to 18 months, an infant observation usually in years two and three, and a six-month psychiatric placement for trainees without psychiatric experience.

There is a commitment throughout the course to written work, which takes the form of an annual essay, infant observation notes and an annual assessment of learning. The assessment process consists of a dialogue between the trainee's own assessment of learning, the written reports of supervisors, essay readers, infant observation leaders, and the trainee's personal tutor. The Training committee has a formal responsibility for an annual review of each trainee's progress.

Find out more about the training, including the course prospectus, entrance requirements and a guideline to fees, from The Training in Jungian Analytical Psychotherapy website


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