You may wish to find a therapist yourself, by searching by location Find a psychotherapist listings | WMIP. Alternatively, our Referral Service can help in putting you in touch.  This service is run by one of our therapists, who liaises with colleagues to try to find suitable spaces for those seeking psychotherapy.

If you contact us, it is helpful if you can explain briefly why you are interested in exploring therapy. Our Referral Service Coordinator will then arrange a short initial phone conversation, to find out more about you and what you are looking for. If it seems that psychotherapy might be helpful, the Referral Coordinator will then contact colleagues and, if possible, give you the details of a suitable therapist so that you can arrange an initial assessment.

Sometimes it is possible to find spaces for people on a low income who are seeking therapy at a reduced fee. This may include the possibility of therapy with a current trainee on the Analytical Psychotherapy training [add hyperlink Therapy with a Trainee] This is something you can discuss with the Referral Coordinator.

You can contact the Referral Service Coordinator by emailing

You can also leave your details on our contact form:

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