If you are seeking psychotherapy, you might want to consider the possibility of working with a senior trainee on the Analytical Psychotherapy Training (APT). This is an advanced training and trainees are based across the Midlands. They are all experienced professionals, from a range of backgrounds including counselling, clinical psychology, medicine, psychiatry, social work and related fields. 

As part of their training, they see patients for psychotherapy.  Therapy is usually in person and patients need to attend sessions on a consistent basis. Trainees work at a range of frequencies: once, twice and three times a week. The work would usually be expected to last at least 12 to 18 months. 

The fee you would pay to see a trainee depends on your financial circumstances and reflects the trainee’s previous experience and stage of professional development. If you are on a low income, you can discuss this with the Referral Coordinator and explore the possibility of a reduced fee. 

As part of the process of assessment, you would see a senior Analytical Psychotherapist for an initial consultation. This is a chance to explore what you are looking for and assess whether it would be appropriate for you to have therapy with a trainee. There is a charge for that consultation. 

You can contact the Referral Service Coordinator for further information by emailing referrals@wmip.org.

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