WMIP Data Controller


The data controller in WMIP is the Chair of the Board of Trustees who can be contacted at chair@wmip.org.


Who Data is Held About

WMIP holds personal data on two groups of people:

• Members and Trustees

• Non-Members


What Data is Held about Non-Members

The personal data held falls into the following categories:

• Name and contact details of non-members who have attended or expressed interest in WMIP events

• Records of WMIP training courses attended

• Records of CPD events attended


Purpose for Holding and Processing the Data

Names and contact details of non-members will be held by WMIP so that they can be informed

about activities which may be of interest to them: training courses, seminars, conferences, etc.


Period for which Data will be Held

The maximum period for which this data will be held is set out below. Data may be deleted

earlier than stated below when appropriate; for example, when requested to do so by the

individual concerned. Data will be deleted at any time on the request of the data subject/individual.

Contact details will be held for 6 years from the date agreement to hold this data is given.

Records of training courses, events and attendees will be kept for 6 years after the event.