Psychotherapy creates a secure and confidential space where you can talk to a trained professional about your thoughts, feelings and concerns. The difficulties which might bring you into psychotherapy include anxiety or depression, difficulties in your relationships, identity and sexuality issues, mental health problems and emotional challenges. By exploring how you relate to other people and yourself, psychotherapy can uncover unhealthy patterns and help you to develop healthier ones.


There are a wide range of approaches within psychotherapy. Most of our members work with adults and offer psychoanalytic and Jungian analytical therapy. Both approaches are psychodynamic. They explore your early experiences of life and how these shape the way you react and see the world, often in ways you are not aware of. They look at what gets in the way of relationships with other people and how these patterns might come alive with your therapist. Over time, this kind of psychotherapy can create lasting change. Because this way of working focuses on your inner world and your unconscious, it is sometimes called ‘depth psychology’.


Psychotherapy is open to anyone regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, ethnic background, religious belief or disability. The majority of WMIP members work with adults. A few also work with children, young people and couples.


All our members have undergone a rigorous training and are registered with the British Psychoanalytic Council and/or the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy 



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Sometimes there are spaces for therapy with an advanced clinical trainee on our Analytical Psychotherapy Training – find out more.

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Many of our professional members also provide clinical supervision. If you are a professional looking for supervision, you can contact members directly yourself:

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