Accreditation process guidance:

Please read the document Criteria for Accreditation first followed by UKCP Accreditation Procedure document. If you are ready to begin the process, then complete the Application Form for Accreditation which needs to be read in conjunction with section 4 paragraphs 1 – 8 CPJA Standards of Education and Training document for details of the elements necessary for a sufficient training experience

If there is anything about which you are uncertain, please let the administrator know who will help you or if not will refer you to the Membership Committee. 

If you decide not to proceed with the application, we would appreciate understanding why; this may enable us to improve the process.

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Application Form for Accreditation
Clinical Competencies  
CPJA Standards of Education and Training  
Criteria for UKCP Accreditation  
Guidance for Referees  
UKCP Accreditation Procedure