The roots of the West Midlands Institute of Psychotherapy can be traced back to what was known as the “Northfield Experiment”. This was undertaken by a group of doctors who worked with Servicemen suffering neurosis during the Second World War in a Birmingham Military Hospital. Following the war, the Psychoanalyst Dr Haas – who was associated with the project – continued working in Birmingham, both in private practice and at the Uffculme Clinic. In 1965 the Uffculme Clinic was designated an NHS regional centre for psychotherapy.

At the Uffculme Clinic, professionals interested in psychotherapy established a “Psychotherapy Circle”, and in 1975 in association with the Board of Graduate Clinical Studies of Birmingham University, began an Introductory Psychotherapy Course. Through the enthusiasm and dedication of the members of the Circle, and with Uffculme Clinic as its base, the West Midlands Institute of Psychotherapy was created to promote and advance the study of, and research into psychotherapy.

The Institute registered as a Charity in 1980 and held its first Annual General Meeting in January 1981. On 1st January 1994 the Institute became a Company Limited by Guarantee.

Since that time WMIP has continued to grow. It has become a major centre for the training of psychoanalytic and Jungian psychotherapists and provides ongoing support and continued professional development for practising psychotherapists, as well as others interested in psychotherapy who are working in related fields such as social work, medicine and nursing and education.

WMIP was involved in the early development of the United Kingdom Standing Conference for Psychotherapy, and in 1993 was a founding member of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP). WMIP is both a Training Organisation and an Accrediting Organisation within the Psychoanalytic & Psychodynamic Section (P&P) of UKCP. Professional Members of the Institute are therefore entitled to be listed in the National Register of Psychotherapists, published annually by UKCP.