Sally Weintrobe, Rebecca Nestor and WMIP member Judith Anderson will offer ways to think about and work with the unthinkable and emotionally unendurable current predicaments as they emerge in society, the individual, the group and in the therapeutic role.   This theme will have broad appeal, so please put the date in your diary and speak to colleagues and friends about it.


 Date and location

Saturday 2nd  April 2022 from 10am – 4pm.  Online via Zoom


SALLY WEINTROBE Care and its survival in increasingly unbearable times.  Care is both resurgent and under increasing attack from the dominant culture of uncare.  Also, as the climate crisis worsens, bearing climate reality becomes harder. Sally will explore what can make care stronger in this situation.

REBECCA NESTOR ‘The ticking clock thing’: trauma-infused social defences in climate change communication.  In this talk Rebecca will share some aspects of her doctoral research (currently awaiting examination), which involved convening a group of leaders involved in climate change communication. Using the experience of the group over time, combined with individual interviews, the study explored the nature of leaders’ experience and found it to be trauma-influenced epistemologically, socially and emotionally. The session will explore these three strands of experience and the ways in which they influenced organisational behaviour.  She will also explore the steps that could be taken to support people working in climate change communication and related fields. How does trauma scholarship help us to consider the nature of the support required?

JUDITH ANDERSON Standing in our Pain – Climate Crisis and the Therapist.  Judith will describe ways of being and methods that members of Climate Psychology Alliance and others are developing to play a crucial part in facing the triple crises of climate, biodiversity and ecology.

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We look forward to seeing you there.